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Just read this thoughtful insight into web design which I have to say I agree with. Its to do with web design books and why we don’t feel as inspired to do a bit of web design after reading them (unlike other creative fields, photography etc.). The problem with putting websites in a book is that they are interactive things and can only be fully appreciated in their own environment.

Other fields of design aren’t limited like that. I think product designers face the same issue as web designers, so I don’t find those types of books inspiring either.

It was almost like code first, design second when I started. I think, though, these days, with CSS, flash and things like Mootools etc., you have enough to put the code down for a sec and focus totally on the design.

What I try to do is design something without thinking about the code. Then when it comes to coding, try and figure out how it’s going to be done then. This helped me become a better designer and coder when I broke it down that way. Anyways check out sahadeva.com article I think its worth a read 🙂