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Found this great explanation on the difference between hyphens, en and em dashes. Wanted to post for future reference.

A hyphen, -, is used in words made of more than one word (Spider-Man, to-be-determined, fail-safe), or phrasal adjectives that happen before a noun (larger-than-life, over-the-top).

An en dash, –, is used for ranges of numbers, dates, or time (1991–2015, 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.). Think of it as a short form for “to” or “through”.

A …

Responsive Type

A jQuery plugin with the Golden Ratio

It seems a lot of dedication to responsiveness has been given to images and with typography ignored some what.

Design is sometimes subjective but we do have some rules that we can abide by; for example with body copy we should never have more than 100 characters per line as readers would find it harder to track the next line of text.

One tool I have used for a while now is the wonderful Golden Ratio Typography Calculator by Chris Pearson which …

The Design Scales

It’s on info graphics, maps, signage and even those little instructional maps you get with your Kinder Surprise. Information design is everywhere but if done correctly you wouldn’t even notice it. And that’s the point as its purpose is to convey a message. But you should never be aware that it has been ‘designed’.

That’s because driving at 100 miles an hour (or 70 if you’re ‘normal’) on the motorway you need to know which lane to take in order to …

Recently read a thought provoking article called “The effects of themed Lipsum on design” by Andrew Fox where he wrote that Loren Ipsum had a negative impact on design and we as designers should demand most of the content upfront.

“How can you design a message without knowing what the message is?” - Andrew Fox

Now, although I agree with him in principle, this can cause a lot of issues in practice. Putting your foot down might work if …


Every couples of months I get an email with a jpeg attached asking me if I know what font is being used in the attachment. What I would then proceed to do is go through my entire font collection to see if I can find it or at the very least a close match. This process could take about an hour or so……ripping out more hair then I can afford to lose…

Not anymore 🙂

WhatTheFont is a handy utility that lets you to upload a jpeg where it scans the image …