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Web 3.0: HTML5 & Semantic Web

The World Wide Web started its life as a series of simple, text-based, read-only homepages whose sole purpose was to act as a digital business card and brochure. From this, Web 2.0 evolved, and this dynamic, interactive approach now informs our online life. Web 2.0 is about much more than page design; from static pages grew a community-driven, user-generated web where collaboration and information are unified.

For example, in order to rank sites …

What I was trying to figure out is how can you check if a table (or a div) that has a parent div with CSS overflow:auto applied to it and has started to horizontally scroll with JavaScript/jQuery.

Seems that the scroll() API in jQuery only checks if the event has been triggered and not if it has a visible scroll.

Then I found element.scrollWidth. All I had to do is check if the scroll width is greater than the container width1 and BOOM. Pretty …