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Reasons to be creative

Brighton conference featuring Erik Spiekermann, Stefan Sagmeister and many more

I got the chance to head to Brighton for the Reasons to be creative Conference, held once a year, bringing the very best of our industries finest together to 3 days of talks on various topics.

The highlight moment for me was the talk by designer hero Erik Spiekermann, writer of Stop Stealing Sheep and Find Out How Type Works and designer of many fonts including FF Meta and more recently Fira Sans.

Having graduated in the late 1960’s and a master …

Reasons to be happy

Read a perfect piece by Jacquelyn Smith at Forbes, who wrote about humour in the work place and how it can be good when traditionally we generally shy away from it.

Standout quote for me;

Ha + ha = aha! “Humor is a key ingredient in creative thinking,” Kerr says. “It helps people play with ideas, lower their internal critic, and see things in new ways.” Humor and creativity are both about looking at your challenges in novel ways and about making …