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With conference season already upon us I was invited to attend the latest Future Insight conference in London, Future of Web Apps (FOWA), where experts from the field of web come together to learn about and discuss the emerging tools and platforms that are shaping the future of our industry.

The focus this year at FOWA was on APIs and Toolkits, with two track stages dedicated to each theme. The day kicked off with an insightful keynote titled “ …

I gave a short interview at FOWD that was to be a part of an about page for The Future of Web design conference. You can see the video here or read the whole article here

London Web meet-up

We are digital architects....part 2

I did another talk, this time at the London Web meet-up. It was the same talk at FOWD but with some extra info on things I had discovered since (CH & EX units for CSS).

The session focused on really making you think as a designer: How has language caused design block? What about the debate on things like skeuomorphic versus flat design? And what are the misconceptions about agile and self-imposed limitations of visual vocabulary?

By looking …

FOWD 2014 session

Got a chance to meet Jason Pamental and attend his workshop

I am currently at Future of Web design Conference and was fortunate enough to attended a workshop with Jason Pamental called From Sharpie to Sublime: A Responsive Design Intensive.

It really opened my eyes to a lot of things, especially the unknown-unknowns such as simple best practice like wrapping an image tag with a figure tag and why we should be using EM’s and not PX unit measurements as newer mobile browsers display based on the pixel …

Future of Web Design 2014

I'll be speaking next year!!!

It has been an amazing couple of months. Firstly getting my work published in .netmagazine, then seeing it put posted on creativebloq and finally getting invited to speak at Future of Web Design next year.

The talk I’ll be giving is titled “We are Digital Architects: Evolving our design language for the web” and will involve some of my ideas about the creative process and how we can embrace it as a journey of discovery, changing our thought …

Reasons to be creative

Brighton conference featuring Erik Spiekermann, Stefan Sagmeister and many more

I got the chance to head to Brighton for the Reasons to be creative Conference, held once a year, bringing the very best of our industries finest together to 3 days of talks on various topics.

The highlight moment for me was the talk by designer hero Erik Spiekermann, writer of Stop Stealing Sheep and Find Out How Type Works and designer of many fonts including FF Meta and more recently Fira Sans.

Having graduated in the late 1960’s and a master …