Selecting the finest beans from around the world is a quality assurance that NESCAFÉ consistently deliver to its drinkers.

For over 70 years, NESCAFÉ has used its experience and expertise to create the perfect roast and blend in a process that captures and holds the flavour and aroma of the bean. Only the brightest beans that nature can provide are good enough for NESCAFÉ coffee.

There are approximately 60 different species of coffee, the most popular being Arabica and Robusta. Robusta is characterised by strong flavour and low acidity and grows mainly in Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia. Arabica boasts a delicate aroma and pleasant acidity and is grown in Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Central America, Mexico, India and Eastern Africa. To guarantee unfailing quality of flavor and aroma, the experts at NESCAFÉ blend Arabica and Robusta beans from the world over.

The red coffee ‘cherries’ (with the coffee bean inside) take around nine months to ripen. They are then picked by hand and after drying and preparation, the ‘green beans’, with almost no coffee aroma or taste, are sorted, graded and checked for quality. Imperfect beans (called stinkers, sours and foxes amongst other names) are rejected and the quality beans are packed and shipped.

Once all the brightest and finest beans have been captured, we only add one more thing, our distinctive roasting experience.

Roasting, to release that familiar coffee aroma and flavour, can take from three to 12 minutes, depending on the desired flavour. The roasted coffee is then ground to make it easier for the full flavour to be unlocked in the brewing process.

Finally, the fresh coffee brew is specially dried to leave 100% pure, coffee, just waiting for you to add freshly boiled water, for the perfect cup of NESCAFÉ coffee.

NESCAFÉ coffee was the original soluble coffee and we have over 70 years experience of ensuring our coffees are of the highest quality... over 70 years later, NESCAFÉ coffee remains the world’s favourite, we British drink a massive 13,900 cups of NESCAFÉ coffee every minute* (Source TNS usage 12 m/e May 2009).


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  1. 1. Look out for the special beans and their codes on the back of participating NESCAFÉ® jars.
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